All communities should have autonomy over the way they develop

But very few do.

I’m Alexa. I spend a lot of my time traveling to towns across America where large, outside corporations are forcing their will onto the community. Whether it’s a water bottling plant like Poland Springs privatizing the community’s water or a Main Street that’s dying because Wal-Mart keeps adding stores within the radius, if you’re a community member fighting one of these projects, you’re ensnared in one of the biggest fights of your life. You weren’t expecting this. But you stepped up, and here you are.

I’m an outsider who cares. And I want to tell your story.

Whether it’s the local reporter who has clearly been instructed to take the developer’s side in his stories, or a town selectboard that claims to be “impartial” yet sends you through a comedic and neverending sea of red tape in order for your voice to be heard, these little things matter. And I want to talk about them here.